YONG HENG 4500PSI Air Compressor 110V PCP 30 MPa High Pressure System Rifle Inflator PCP Rifle Airgun Scuba Air Pump Portable Air Compressors (110V)


    Price: $289.00
    (as of Jan 02,2021 02:55:27 UTC – Details)

    (1) Keep this item out of children’s reach.
    (2)Do not use this product in humid or inflammable places.
    (3)Unauthorized detachment & repair is not recommended.
    (4)Make sure your socket can withstand over 8A electric current, or the circuit may get burnt.
    (5)To prevent scald, do not touch the head of the machine once it stops working.
    (6)To keep the cylinder stator temperature in control, please change the cooling water every 30 minutes.
    (7)Regularly check the engine oil and make sure oil level stays above the red dot; change engine oil if oil color turns.
    (9)Please make sure to use the ISO VG46 & AW46 standard oil.

    A single working time cannot exceed 30 minutes, the machine temperature cannot exceed 80 degrees Celsius. If the working time is too long or the temperature is too high, the device will enter the over-temperature protection state, automatic shutdown. If the machine is too hot, automatic shutdown is a normal phenomenon, have a rest after a few minutes the temperature can return to normal, then start again.THE PUMP WILL NOT SHUT DOWN AUTOMATICALLY WHEN THE PRESSURE REACHES 30MPA / 300bar, YOU NEED TO TURN IT OFF MANUALLY.

    Voltage: 110V
    Power: 1.80KW
    Working Pressure: 300BAR / 30MPA/ 4500PSI
    Working Capability: 40 L / min
    Material: Alloy
    Inflating Speed: 2800 r / min
    Noise: 78 decibel (Max.)
    Weight: 44.1 lb.
    Filling Time: 1L/ 10 minutes
    Cooling System: Water
    Oil Standard: ISO VG46 & AW46
    Dimension: 14.2” x 7.1” x 14.6”

    YONG HENG 110V 30Mpa Electric Air Pump
    Power: 110V 60HZ; Motor Power: 1.8KW; Charge pressure: 30MPA; Working Pressure: 300BAR 30MPA 4500PSI. Air pump inflating speed: 2800r/min; Work flow: 40L/min; Oil standard: IS0 VG 46 & AW 46
    WIDE APPLICATION: Perfect for fire fighting, paintball, leakage detecting, pressure-tight test, automobiles, air impermeability test, pressure proof test, etc.
    PREMIUM QUALITY: Designed with two-stage compression and two water-oil separators for performance stability. It takes only 30 minutes to fill full 6.8L tank to 300BAR
    OOLING SYSTEM: Please prepare enough cooling water, it is recommended to be a vat of water to achieve better cooling effects. WORKING WITHOUT WATER IS FORBIDDEN!


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