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Watch: CEO Richard Gaignon on 3DCeram Sinto’s push to industrialize ceramic AM » 3D Printing Media Network


Despite the challenges that 2020 threw in its (and everyone’s) way, ceramic 3D printing pioneer 3DCeram Sinto has persevered and has started 2021 on a high. The company has adapted remarkably well to the changing dynamics of the industry—and business in general—and through it all has remained focused on its key goal: to drive the adoption and industrialization of ceramic additive manufacturing.

We recently had the opportunity to speak to 3DCeram’s CEO Richard Gaignon, who shed light on the company’s current strategy as well as its latest achievements, including new launches and partnerships.

In the interview, Gaignon takes us through 3DCeram’s journey, from its humble beginnings as a part producer to its current role as a key supplier of ceramic AM solutions around the globe. This prominent position has been bolstered as of late, with subsidiaries established in the United States and China, as well as a growing list of international distributors.

Richard Gaignon, CEO of 3DCeram Sinto

“We are ready to step into the future and connect to the future, and to anticipate the growth of the market”

Richard Gaignon

The 3DCeram executive also emphasizes how much the company has accomplished in the past year, showcasing its ability to adapt to changing industry needs. Among its most notable feats is the recent launch of a virtual showroom. The online offering was developed to solve an ongoing side effect of the pandemic, namely travel restrictions. While in normal times, prospective clients would be able to see the ceramic AM technology in person, opportunities to do this today are limited, with travel and in-person industry events off the table.

3DCeram’s virtual showroom is a suitable workaround. As Gaignon explains, it provides a virtual setting where “customers can see the products we are making and ask for a live demo.” In addition to this new feature on its website, 3DCeram has also bolstered its distribution network with qualifications and facilitated remote maintenance on its machines.

3DCeram CEO Richard Gaignon
Above, two images from 3DCeram’s new facility. Below, Mr. Gaignon and an extra-large ceramic part printed on a 3DCeram production system.

The company has also been tackling more big picture topics, like refining its product offering—including hardware, software and services. Recent advancements, which Gaignon elaborates on in our interview, include more user-friendly software and the launch of 3D-AIM, a flexible service that enables customers to leverage the company’s in depth knowledge of ceramic 3D printing to develop parts and applications.

Finally, we touch on the applications that are really driving ceramic AM’s adoption, including investment casting and biomedical devices. Looking at the former, Gaignon zooms in on 3DCeram’s recent partnership with Avignon Ceramic and the launch of their U3DC platform for 3D printed ceramic cores. Be sure to watch the full interview for even more insights into 3DCeram’s operations and to learn about the state of ceramic AM.

This interview was published in partnership with 3DCeram Sinto.

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