Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Binghamton engineering and occupational therapy collab for the first time

Four Binghamton University students from the Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science are exploring...

Personalized, 3D printed shields developed to protect patients during radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is used as a treatment for more than half of all cancer patients and can be highly...

Cardiovascular safety of naltrexone and bupropion therapy: Systematic review and meta-analyses

This article was originally published here Obes Rev. 2021 Apr 12. doi: 10.1111/obr.13224. Online ahead of print. ABSTRACT Despite being approved for clinical use, evidence of...

3D-Bioprinted Cell Therapy and Disease Modeling Applications

Precision medicine is, broadly speaking, a sweeping aspiration that will be achieved, or not, depending...

3D-printed surgical guides enhance breast conservation therapy

Researchers led by Dr. Han Shin Lee of Gyeongsang National University Hospital in Changwon, South Korea, developed 3D-printed breast surgical guides that are produced...