Pacum Travel Vacuum Compressor – Multifunctional Handheld Vacuum and Air Pumping Device – Baggage Compressor for Home and Travel Use – Portable Compressor to use with Power Bank (Red)


    Price: $59.00
    (as of Jan 02,2021 16:32:55 UTC – Details)

    PACUM TRAVEL VACUUM COMPRESSOR – double your luggage or storage space by using the Pacum portable compressor which will suck all excess air out of the vacuum bag in just 90 seconds! Suitable for both home and travel use, this luggage compressor is an essential piece of kit for everyone to have on hand
    MULTIFUNCTIONAL VACUUM AND AIR PUMP – this versatile travel compressor is multifunctional as it vacuums out excess air from bags when storing or packing clothes, towels or bedding and it also works as an air pumping device to blow up footballs, swimming inflatables and balloons – super useful for all occasions!
    POWERFUL LUGGAGE COMPRESSOR – travelers and holidaymakers love using the Pacum travel compressor as not only does it keep your luggage neat and organized but it also frees up lots of space for souvenirs or your favorite pair of shoes! A compact travel compressor which can be packed into your luggage or backpack so that you can vacuum pack your belongings on the way back too
    PORTABLE ELECTRIC PUMP – the Pacum travel compressor is powered by a wall charger with a power input of 5V/2A or you can even plug it into your portable charger if you’re using it on the go. At only 60Db when in use, this luggage compressor is super silent and works four times faster than other portable compressors on the market
    ONE YEAR WARRANTY – we are highly confident in the superior quality of the Pacum travel compressor, which is why we offer a full one-year warranty on each one sold. Please contact us directly should you have any issues or questions regarding your purchase


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