Le Lematec Air Compressor Filter Regulator with Gauge 1/2 Inch Piggyback, Inline Water, Air Separator Filter for Air Compressor and Air Tools (AS209)


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    Ubiquitous – LE LEMATECUbiquitous – LE LEMATEC

    Ubiquitous – LE LEMATECUbiquitous – LE LEMATEC

    Speed. Precision. Perfection!

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    How we got our start?

    Ubiquitous – LE LEMATEC is a brand that houses one of the best air tools and accessories today. Our team of engineers at LE LEMATEC has brilliant minds that set our products apart from the rest. Our ingenuity made us develop powerful pneumatic tools with unwavering pride and quality.

    What makes our product unique?

    Our brand hosts exceptional automotive, industrial, commercial, and DIY tools that are fully-engineered to provide accuracy and speed.We made sure that all our customers get the best benefits in terms of application and cost.

    Why we love what we do?

    We love making things easy for you. Simple pneumatic applications should never be complicated, and that is what we are trying to achieve. Our hunger to develop cutting-edge tools gives us satisfaction knowing that our customers finally have something they can count on.

    Le Lematec AS209 air compressor filter regulator is a durable, accurate, & heavy-duty air pressure regulator with an air dryer in a single unit. This piggyback combo is great for any workshop needs.
    The Le Lematec air pressure regulator provides you with clean and consistent air. This compressed air regulator is accurate to 0.05.
    Our heavy-duty 1/2-inch air filter regulator is made of zinc material. It operates at 90 PSI with a durable 2-inch regulator gauge that can measure up to 160 PSI.
    AS209 compressed air filter regulator combines an air pressure regulator with an air and water separator saving you space. It also comes with 1 mount holder for wall installations.
    Le Lematec AS209 air filter regulator is very convenient for home workshops, garages, and even perfect for the most demanding operations in any industrial setting.


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