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Kornit Digital launches Max technology


Kornit Digital has unveiled its new Max technology, alongside the first printer from the new range.

In a virtual launch event on Monday (26 April), the Israeli garment and textiles printer manufacturer said the new technology platform would “establishing a new standard for on-demand fashion and apparel production”.

It is said to offer “unparalleled retail quality” combined with 3D print capabilities and versatile decoration techniques for all categories of fashion and apparel.

With the ability to print high quality on multiple fabric types, Kornit said it is significantly expanding the reach of digital on-demand textiles production into the centre of the mainstream fashion and apparel areas with the new technology.

A key feature of Max technology is XDi, which Kornit said delivers “revolutionary 3D capabilities” for new, high-density graphic decoration that can simulate embroidery, vinyl, and heat transfer in a single, waste-free digital process.

Based on Kornit’s patents, the manufacturer said XDi allows fulfillers and brands to expand their offerings to include new-to-market, innovative decorations without the inefficiencies and cost of operating analogue technologies.

Kornit Digital CMO Omer Kulka said: “Kornit’s new Max capabilities bring sustainable on-demand production to the mainstream. We plan to roll out the Max technology to additional lucrative market segments such as team sports, athleisure, diverse categories of fashion, and home decor applications.”

Kornit has also debuted its new ActiveLoad Automation technology, a new robotic system designed to significantly ease the burden of manual and labour-intensive media handling in the textiles decoration industry. This is said to increase total output per shift while ensuring minimal downtime and “exceptional reliability”.

Kornit said the patent pending ActiveLoad technology ensures continuous production and consistency, while decreasing human error and fatigue, regardless of employee experience and training, for the best results and operational efficiency.

The first product to incorporate Max technology is the Kornit Atlas Max, a carbon-neutral, industrial-scale direct-to-garment production printer which the manufacturer said provides “unsurpassed retail quality, exceptional colour-matching capabilities, and a wide, vivid colour gamut, with exceptional durability.”

The machine features the new XDi technology built in, for 3D printing capabilities. Using Dimatix StarFire Twinflex printheads and capable of resolutions up to 1,200dpi, the device can print onto materials including cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester blends, lycra, viscose, silk, leather, denim, linen, and wool, among others.

Commercially available as of this week with deliveries starting from June, the printer has been running at four beta sites globally. Pricing was not available at the time of writing.

Kornit Digital CEO Ronen Samuel said: “There’s a growing realisation and acceptance that on-demand production is the answer to meet the demands of today’s consumer.

“Kornit’s Max technology defines the future of on-demand, sustainable textile production, and the future is here now. Max offers a rare sustainable symbiosis, more creativity, less waste.”

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