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Glatt And Aprecia Enter 3D-Printing Collaboration


Aprecia’s compression-free 3DP manufacturing platform expands Glatt capabilities in innovative particle design.

Tim Wright, Editor, Contract Pharma02.23.21

Glatt Pharmaceutical Services and Aprecia have teamed up to accelerate and expand the use of Glatt’s multiparticulate technologies through Aprecia’s 3DP manufacturing. This effort will focus on overcoming oral pharmaceutical design challenges presented by conventional manufacturing. Leveraging Aprecia’s ZipDose technology, the collaboration will initially target existing products for modified release 505(b)(2) brand line extensions as well as new chemical entities (NCE) through accelerated clinical development and patient focused dosage forms.
“Aprecia has taken a complete approach for partnering with pharmaceutical clients from early product development through FDA commercial manufacturing with their patent protected 3DP platform,” said Philippe Tschopp, head of business development, Glatt Pharmaceutical Services. “We look forward to combining our industry leading multiparticulate technologies with Aprecia’s 3DP technology to better serve the patients and the pharmaceutical industry; offering better therapy and formulation options to meet today’s challenging market demands.”
Chris Gilmore, chief executive officer, Aprecia, said, “The purpose of this agreement is to provide our clients more design options which provide benefits such as modified release, bioavailability enhancement, taste masking, improved solubility or API stabilization in a patient preferred dosage form. By leveraging Glatt’s leading particle coating technologies and the current pipeline of candidates, this collaboration can solve many of today’s pharmaceutical design challenges faster.”e

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