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Club marries math and art for students, community – News


Megan and Bostony Braoudakis, a senior marine science and French student from Braintree, Massachusetts, continue to produce fractals for club activities. Muetzel, Matthew and Cara DeLacluyse, a sophomore student from Grayslake, Illinois, are building more Geometiles® sculptures to enter into math art exhibitions in March and another in a virtual exhibition being hosted in Calabria, Italy, in October.

Muetzel said the club will feature math in nature, fractals, tilings and geometric solids—and use new technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D printing. “The club will also feature an outreach program for local middle and high schools,” Muetzel added.

Matthew’s love for art only grew after he took his first drawing class at Eckerd, and after adding visual arts as his second major, he’s now found joy in the ceramics lab where he works as an assistant. The Math Art Club has made him think more broadly about what he can do with the numbers he’s constantly seeing.

“I want to create sculptures out of equations,” he laughed. “Or maybe I can do something functional like a cup or a bowl that is also a parabolic function.”

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