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#54 Additive Insight: Xerox’s Tali Rosman on 3D printing, workflows and supply chain


On this episode of Additive Insight, TCT Head of Content Laura Griffiths is joined by Tali Rosman, Xerox Vice President and General Manager for 3D Printing.

The well-known 2D print giant made its play for the additive manufacturing market back in 2019 with the acquisition of start-up Vader Systems and its Liquid Metal 3D printing technology. Since then, Xerox has gone on to introduce its first metal system, the Xerox ElemX, and recently announced the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) as its first installation.

We spoke to Rosman about Xerox’s history with 3D printing, which began long before that 2019 acquisition, Xerox’s commitment to being its own first customer with its AM products, and the company’s pragmatic approach to ensuring additive can be easily integrated into existing workflows and supply chains.

Commenting on those workflows, Rosman said: “I think we’re humble enough to understand that the vast majority of parts are not going to be made with 3D printing so we have to integrate into existing workflows and we have the obligation to make it easy for the customer to integrate it into their existing systems – that’s absolutely top of mind for us.”

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