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1016 Industries Ferrari F8 3D-Printed Body Kit Info


Riding on the success of its 3D-printed kit for the McLaren 720S earlier last year, 1016 Industries is now introducing the first-ever permanent 3D-printed kit for a truly special supercar: the Ferrari F8.

Constructed completely out of carbon fiber, production of the tailored kit requires a three-step process which the company says will ensure the safety and longevity of its components, first involving a special treatment for durability and flexibility, followed by soaking the material to prevent cracks, then finished with a premium paint job to the client’s preference. The modified components themselves accentuate the F8’s already elegant silhouette, and include changes to everything from the headlights and suction ducts to the side bumpers, side skirts, and its rear diffuser.

“The Ferrari F8 is an iconic vehicle that celebrates automotive excellence and prestige, and we knew we needed to debut our brand-new permanent 3D printed carbon fiber kit for this special project,” said the company’s CEO Peter Northrop. “As we continuously look for innovative design ideas, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore the true capabilities of turning a 3D print into a permanent kit available to our customers. The 1016 Industries F8 is made for automotive enthusiasts looking to put a completely unique spin on this elite supercar.”

For those interested, 1016 Industries’ Ferrari F8 kit will be available by the end of this month, with same-day installations offered as well. Prices will start at $46,640 USD, and you can learn more over on the company’s website.

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