Vacuum Pump 12V Mini Diaphragm Air Compressor with Silicone Tube


    Price: $22.99
    (as of Jan 02,2021 17:14:37 UTC – Details)

    This vacuum pump has long lifetime low noise and high pressure. This pump operates at 12V and has enough suction for most small projects.
    1.Attainable Vacuum :-65KPA
    2.Maximum pressure : 250 KPA
    3.Working pressure range :-65KPA-250KPA
    4.Rated Voltage : 12Vdc
    5.Drive by: Motor
    6.Life: 1000 hours
    7.Type: Diaphragm
    8.Function: Duty circle when pumping air
    9.Continously working hour: 5 hours
    NOTE: You may see sparks coming from the motor brush inside the housing, it’s normal. It causes by friction, sparks will be less after a few times of working

    With 1 meter silicone tube
    12V motor 12W operation
    Working range:9LPM to 12LPM
    Vacuum: >350mmHg
    1/4″ barbs 0-16″ Hg vacuum range


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