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Titanum’s New 3D Printed Pedals Weigh 50 Grams Each


Titanum, a new brand that specializes in making products from, you guessed it, titanium, has released a pedal that it claims weighs just 100 grams for a pair.
If the claimed weights are correct, this probably makes the MyTi Ultra the lightest pedal on the market, beating the 168 gram per pair Wahoo Speedplay Nano that is seen as the current yardstick. Adding credence to Titanum’s claims, CyclingTips got their hands on an early prototype of the pedal and recorded its weight as 69 grams for a combination of the pedal body, titanium axle, internals and titanium cleat.
The MyTi Ultra pedals and cleats are 3D printed from 6Al/4V titanium alloy in partnership with Element 22 in Kiel, Germany. Titanum claims the material it uses is, “is nearly 2x stronger than aluminum with 40% less mass than steel, with better strength-to-weight than both”. 3D printing allows Titanum to only add material where it’s needed, which is one of the major factors in the super-low weight of these pedals. Another advantage of 3D printing is rapid prototyping and this finished version of the pedal is the 10th iteration of the product.
The pedals work using Titanums’ patent-pending Blattfeder (leaf spring) technology that allows for 6° of float and a release angle of less than 14°. Despite the low weight, Titanum is confident the pedals are suitable for mountain biking purposes and they have passed ISO 4210-8:2014 with no weight limit. The pedals are also compatible with 2,3 and 4 bolt cleats.
Titanum is starting a Kickstarter on Tuesday and will be fundraising for its 100g MyTi Ultra & 140g MyTi Stainless pedals. Retail price for the pedals is expected to be €300 but early bird offers will be available in the crowdfunding stage. More info, here.

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