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This ridiculously cool Capcom vs. SNK statue is being made by one super dedicated fan and makes me sad that I’ll never get to buy it


I’d pay as much money as I have League Points to put that on my shelf

The hobby / community of fans creating their own highly-detailed statues and figurines for their favorite video games and anime is one that’s been growing in Japan for many years now, and many of them could pass for official works — or ones we wish were official.

This Capcom vs. SNK statue might take the cake for fighting game fans, however, as modeler Dainanaban is currently cooking up a potential masterpiece featuring Chun-Li, Sakura, Mai Shiranui and Yuri Sakazaki.

Although it hasn’t apparently been passed through the 3D printing stage yet, Dainanaban’s work in crafting the leading ladies of fighting games looks like the real deal that would fly off of the digital shelves if it were ever put up for sale.

Longtime fighting game fans will likely recognize these particular poses in an instant considering they’re based on one of Kinu Nishimura’s iconic promotional pieces for Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001.

Just about every piece of detail in the art is captured by this including the scratches and bandages though there’s an extra nice addition to help sell the whole thing which is a base made up of CvS’s yellow tiles.

It’s not known just how long the master of garage kits has had this particular project in the works, but they originally showcased a head-sculpting demonstration with the same facial expressions dating back to 2019.

Once completed Dainanaban will use a 3D printer to mold the figures piece-by-piece separately — typically limbs, torsos, heads, etc. — which then needs to be painted and assembled like many other resin model kits.

Unfortunately, Dainanaban doesn’t really seem to be in the business of selling these garage kits — at least judging by their twitter page — so we’ll probably never get the chance to acquire one for our personal collections.

Like many other fan creations, these figures largely live in a legally gray area without official licenses, and the cost of producing four quality models would put quite the hefty price tag on such a statue as well.

Below, you can get a better idea of how these models come out once they’re first printed and see just how much work has to go into making these. More cool works can be found on Dainanaban’s Twitter page though be warned there could be some NSFW content present.

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