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‘The Big Tip‘ event gives back to service industry workers


ROCK ISLAND, Ill., (KWQC) – Those in the service industry may be finding some financial relief during the pandemic. “The Big Tip” fundraiser hosted music, prizes, and dinner at the QCCA Expo Center on Saturday. All proceeds from tickets will go back to anyone who relies on tips to make a living.

“I was in the restaurant business for years. I know what it’s like to work on tips or not get tips at all,” says Denny Royce, President of The Big Give nonprofit hosting the event.

Those who will benefit from the event include bartenders, restaurant servers, hairstylists, taxi drivers, musicians, and more. Organizers say it’s about more than just food, prizes, and music.

“I think it’s really important to unite everybody and really support people when they are in need and this is a time where we all need to come together,” says Natalie Long, an organizer of the event.

Musicians will be performing until midnight on Saturday.

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