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The 28-year-old NHS worker from Chulmleigh on a mission to get her ‘hero arm’


A 28-year-old NHS worker born without an arm has launched a fundraiser so she can buy a “hero arm”.

Nicola Berry from Chulmleigh was born with an upper limb difference and has become accustomed to being acknowledged as the girl with one arm.

Every day tasks like getting dressed and cooking food have always taken longer – and the tin opener is her “nemesis” – but that hasn’t stopped her from achieving her dreams.

But now, the NHS clerk is on a mission to raise £10,000 for a bionic hand so she can go from being ‘the girl with one arm’ to ‘the girl with the hero arm’.

Nicola explained: “At work people would say ‘oh do you know Nicola?’ and if people said no they would say ‘she is the girl with one arm’. Then that would instantly make them know who I am.

“I don’t want to be known as that anymore. If I am going to be referred to by the fact that I have a limb difference, I would love to be known as the girl with The Hero Arm.”

The Hero Arm that Nicola is referring to is the world’s most affordable multi-grip bionic arm. It is manufactured using innovative 3D-scanning and 3D-printing by a company called Open Bionics in Bristol.

Other similar devices could cost up to as much as £60,000 but the Hero Arm costs less than £10,000 which makes it more attainable with support through crowdfunding.

Unfortunately, the device isn’t available on the NHS.

She said: “They are always working to try to make the device more affordable and accessible hence why they now have a charity called ‘The Open Bionics Foundation’ which is run by independent volunteer trustees to help people like me afford a Hero Arm.

“Not only that but they are a company that celebrates being unique and each device is created bespoke for the user.

“I feel like The Hero Arm is built like a Hero, it looks like a Hero.

“I think wearing a prosthetic device like this would attract all the right attention.”

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