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Tennis Anyone?: April brings on the freeze | Community


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Joe Tennis

My son, Johh, hollered at me Wednesday night to take a walk down the driveway.

I didn’t have a jacket.

But who worries about jackets a month into spring?

“I didn’t figure it would be this cold in April,” John said as we huffed and puffed in the near-freezing weather.

That night, it did freeze.

And John freaked out, comically, as we watched the weather on TV late Wednesday.

“Freeze warning?” he said with a grin. “Oh, no, what does that mean?”

“Bring in the dogs. But they’re always in at night,” I said. “And don’t plant tomatoes just yet.”

But, hey — when do you plant them?

John’s godfather, James, always says, “The 10th of May.”

And James always has a great garden.

But do we really have to wait that long?

Late on Wednesday night, I called the National Weather Service in Morristown, Tennessee.

Turns out, ice had actually formed on Wednesday down in the Great Smoky Mountains at Mount LeConte along the North Carolina-Tennessee border.

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