Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Victoria designers make fashionable custom covers for prosthetic limbs

After losing her leg to cancer in 2012, Julia Chisolm was happy to find a unique Vancouver Island company that is helping her feel attractive and...

Cambodian study assesses 3D scanning technologies for prosthetic limb design

Cutting-edge 3D scanners have been put to the test by researchers from the University of Southampton and partners Exceed Worldwide to help increase...

Scientists create fully-automated 3D printed prosthetic production line

Scientists from the Israel Institute of Technology have developed an automated production line for 3D printing low-cost customized prosthetic limbs.  Within the team’s streamlined...

instalimb uses 3D printing to make prosthetic legs more affordable

instalimb is a philippines-based company that’s on a mission to make prostheses more affordable. using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, the team...

Korean scientists use 3D printer to create low-cost patient-specific prosthetic testicles

Korean researchers have utilized a 3D printer to fabricate more affordable and customizable artificial testicles for patients in need of a testis transplant.  Unlike...