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Stop Comparing Yourself To Others



Coach Ru comes back to PSL to discuss how to break the pattern of comparing yourself to others. Watch the segment to learn much more! Some of the steps covered include:

Comparisons are always unfair. We become our worst critic!  We think the other person has it all right, and we aren’t doing enough, comparing the we know about ourselves.

  • Comparisons take us away from quality time.  Away from all of the joy that may be right in front of us. When we have a thought, positive or negative, It takes 12 seconds for that thought to magnify to another thought and another.  Which either leads to going down the rabbit hole or towards an upward spiral!
  • · You are too unique to compare fairly. Your gifts and talents and successes and contributions and value are entirely unique to you and your purpose in this world. Not one person has walked in your shoes.  Even those bad experiences were needed to get you to this very point today.  They can never be properly compared to anyone else.  Shifting perspective.  This happened…  and look at where you are today.  How far you have come.  You did that!!
  • · You have nothing to gain, but much to lose. For example: your pride, your dignity, your drive, and your passion.  Is it making your life any better? Does it make you happier?
  • · There is no end to the possible number of comparisons. The habit can never be overcome by attaining success. There will always be something—or someone—else to focus on.  Taking you farther and farther away from what you want!
  • Comparison puts focus on the wrong person. You can control one life—yours. It takes away precious time focusing on ourselves.
  • Comparisons often result in resentment. Resentment towards others and towards ourselves.  Rather than seeing ourselves as Gods loving creation.  When you have love for yourself, when you tend to yourself, you see that there is enough love and room for everyone.
  • Comparisons deprive us of joy. They add no value, meaning, or fulfillment to our lives. They only distract from it.

Rumaisa also has something new to offer viewers: a FREE Visioning and Intention Setting Guide that folks can download!  It’s a terrific worksheet to work from. LINK: https://the-rumaisa-khawaja-co.mykajabi.com/opt-in-b6d80000-279f-4ed9-9030-d0971a7df2d3

Rumaisa Khawaja is a Speaker, Writer, and Transformational Coach Certified in Social Emotional Intelligence in leadership and coaching that works out of the Quad Cities. Check out her podcast: “Real Talk with Ru” She also has a powerful Facebook Group called “Women Empowering Women: Relationships, Careers, Lifestyle, & Healthy Mindset”. <<Click to join

Website / CALL: (833) 488-9355

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