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Sequoia Capital China leads new INTAMSYS financing round » 3dpbm


Extrusion 3D printer manufacturer INTAMSYS closed a new round of financing led by Sequoia Capital China, with Brizan Investments as co-investor. The company’s existing investor Professor Ping Keung Ko also participated in this new financing round. The founder and CEO of INTAMSYS, Charles Han, said that this financing round would be used for innovative product development, expanding vertical industries applications, and for the European and American business team’s expansion.

“INTAMSYS’s vision is dedicated to developing 3D printing from functional prototype manufacturing to low volume production runs,” Han commented, anticipating that “the new funding will help us to keep moving towards this goal. It will accelerate the development of more innovative products and provide more vertical industries application solutions, and promote the penetration of additive manufacturing technology to more manufacturing industries. At the same time, we will also increase the investment in the European and American local markets to better serve the local customers.”

INTAMSYS starts off operating in the high-end PEEK material 3D printing market as early as 2016, after several years of product iteration, expanded industrial application, INTAMSYS is now the company with one of the largest shipments of PEEK 3D printers in the world, and has become the under the radar champion of this niche market.

INTAMSYS closes new round of financing led by Sequoia Capital ChinaThe company has been expanding its product portfolio in the field of high-performance material 3D printers. In addition to the entry-level industrial FUNMAT HT 3D printer, in 2020 was launched the FUNMAT PRO 610 HT, an industrial-grade 3D solution for production in aerospace, military, automotive and other high-tech industries. The FUNMAT PRO 610 HT has a constant temperature chamber up to 300℃, and the maximum printing size is 610x508x508mm. Aerospace and automotive, have been huge benefactors, it can print large-size parts with materials like ULTEM, PEEK, PPSU. The more affordable FUNMAT PRO 410 is equipped with a high-precision dual nozzle and open material system, it is mainly used for the rapid and timely manufacture of tooling and fixtures in the automotive and electronic industries. FLEX 510 is a new generation of high-speed flexible material 3D printer, it brings a new and innovative manufacturing process for the sports shoe uppers, and opens up new possibilities for the mass production of consumer goods.

Ian Qian, Vice President of Sequoia Capital China, commented: “China has been a powerhouse in global manufacturing, 3D printing plays an important role in this plan, this provides local companies with tremendous development opportunities. INTAMSYS is one of the most innovative 3D printing companies in China. The team has a deep industrial background, rich experience in the field of 3D printing application, and a strong global vision. INTAMSYS has become recognized among the leading experts in the field of PEEK printing, they have a proven track record of offering creative, proprietary 3D printing solutions. The team’s knowledge and capabilities drive their vision to reality and to be a world-class supplier of additive manufacturing solutions.”

Professor Ping Keung Ko, a well-known semiconductor scientist and investor, also added: “Since we first invested in INTAMSYS four years ago, we have seen the rapid growth of the company, start with the early technological innovation that enabled the company to tap into new markets and industries, such as the aerospace and the shoemaking industries, the tooling and fixture applications, etc. We strongly believe in the potential of the team; we will continue to support the company’s development and ambition in future.”

Based on the trend and development of the 3D printing industry, INTAMSYS decided in the early stage to focus its development on the overseas markets, and now has marketing and technical service centers in both Germany and the United States.

Additive Manufacturing in China is a hive of activity and continues to grow in action and interest from year to year, the manufacturing industry now gradually aims to minimize the development time and cost. 3D printing technologies, therefore, have become more popular within the industry, and are widely applied on complex prototyping with high precision and low volume production runs.

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