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Phoseon launches near-infrared LED lamps


Phoseon Technology has launched FireJet, and FireEdge Explorer near-infrared (NIR) lamps, offering significant technology advances for curable adhesives, 3D printing, and pinning on low migration applications.

The new near-infrared LED lamps provide instant on/off and lower power consumption over traditional NIR lamps.            

‘Phoseon’s cutting-edge NIR LED systems are ideal for novel NIR curable adhesives and R&D on such applications,’ said Simon Reissmann, technical marketing engineer for Phoseon Technology. ‘Further, this technology has shown potential in pinning and improving print quality on water-based and hybrid inks (low migration) in inkjet printing before the final curing stage.’

The FireJet NIR Explorer offers high power in an air-cooled package. The 20mm wide window spreads the energy wider for a larger dose and exposure time in high-speed applications.

The FireEdge NIR Explorer is the smaller brother of the FireJet NIR Explorer offers roughly 1/5 of the output power with a 10mm wide rod lens. The small form combined with the more focused lens is suitable for delivering high intensity at 5-10mm working distance.

The NIR Explorer systems include cables, power supply, protective cover glass, and extended warranty. Products will be available in the second quarter of 2021.

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