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Monmouth teen wins $10,000 for 3D printing face shields, money to further his cause


MONMOUTH, Ill., (KWQC) – A 13-year-old boy from Monmouth is being recognized in a national contest for 3D printing face shields and donating them to frontline workers. He says he got the idea from watching someone print them online.

“I saw this Youtube video about this person who 3D printed face shields for his local hospital and I thought, I have a 3D printer and I’m probably going to be quarantined for a while, why don’t I start doing this?” says David Simmons.

David has made about 150 face shields for healthcare workers, teachers, and others.

“At the beginning I had to experiment with a lot of different settings and used my 3D printer to figure out how thick each layer should be and now dense and strong it should be. At the beginning it took a while. It takes about three hours for each frame of the shield to be made. So about 24 hours for eight of them,” says Simmons.

A friend nominated him for the Future of Good Program, a contest for kids who are creating positive change.

“I thought I had no chance at all. I thought maybe if I got to the second round it would be something good to put on my resume,” says Simmons.

The contest included hundreds of nominations from all over the country. David was announced as one of three winners. He says being recognized is “an incredible feeling.”

Simmons also won ten thousand dollars from the program. He’s putting it toward printing more items for his community even after the pandemic ends.

“Like these reminder cards that I’m designing and printing right now that would help seniors that need to take their medication,” says Simmons.

3D printing means more to him than just a hobby.

“It’s so much more gratifying when you see people wearing something that you made and donated to them and helping people and saving their lives possibly,” he says.

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