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Louis Widmer SA Complies With EU Anti-Counterfeiting Directive With Zebra Technologies’ Solution


Swiss pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturer, Louis Widmer SA is using Zebra’s flexible serialization solution for its packaging line, Zebra Technologies Corporation announced.  


Zebra PartnerConnect Registered Reseller and Independent Software Vendor (ISV), BetterTec deployed the solution to help Louis Widmer SA rapidly comply with the European Union (EU) Falsified Medicines Directive.


The recent EU directive calls for all prescription medicines in Europe to be packaged with 2D barcodes and anti-tamper devices which pharmacists have to scan and authenticate in a system of record. 


To fulfill this legal requirement, Louis Widmer SA implemented a high-speed serialization solution. It is comprised of Zebra’s Android ET50 tablets and MP7000 bioptic scanners along with BetterTec’s serialization software to scan, record and activate its prescription medicines’ serial numbers as well as apply tamper evidence.


“We now have a semi-automated, stand-alone system to help ensure our compliance with the EU Falsified Medicines Directive,” said David Oelsner, manager GMP Compliance & Quality Assurance, Louis Widmer SA. “The collaboration of Zebra and BetterTec with high-performance devices and customizable serialization software provides great value for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, like us, who are looking for a user-friendly, reliable and flexible solution.”


Louis Widmer SA successfully implemented the serialization solution without any major changes to its existing systems. With its modular design, the solution can be quickly integrated or removed from the packaging line when Louis Widmer SA’s front-line workers are processing other products since prescription medicine represents a fraction of its product portfolio.


“We are delighted we were able to deploy this solution in such a short timeframe,” said Philipp Johannesson, VP and sales director DACH, Zebra Technologies. “The easy-to-use Zebra touch computers and accurate bioptic scanners help Louis Widmer meet its EU compliance requirements.”

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