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Laddy on-demand lattice individualization tool from Twikit » 3dpbm


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Twikit unveiled its latest cloud suite product, Laddy. The software solution was developed to enable more brands to capture the value of mass customization even further through lattice individualization.

Twikit’s vision for Laddy is to use the power of AI to transform unique user input into individualized lattices with guaranteed mechanical properties. Its cloud-based solution creates a seamless workflow from web-based customer interaction to production fulfillment and all required back-end integrations. This way, Laddy will realize the era of mass customization for lattices – bringing customized 3D printed lattices to production and scaling 3D printed lattice applications.

With Laddy, Twikit will facilitate an efficient on-demand manufacturing process for the individualization of lattices. The software solution’s significant architecture and features will open new doors for consumer brands looking to capture the value of on-demand digitally manufactured, personalized products with lattice parts.

Laddy will be the first cloud-based lattice generating software on the market that offers web-based visualization of individual lattices. It provides a new strategic avenue for consumer brands who want to add unique lattice parts to their products and allows them to modify lattices to better fit individual customer needs. Web-based lattice visualization takes the customer experience to the next level.

Laddy will also facilitate the automated generation and on-demand production of individualized lattices without the need for manual labor. The software product will eliminate manual processes conventionally needed to set up new lattice applications and create production files. The process will be made seamless and efficient, with Laddy as the driving force.

The software solution will create the ideal lattices with guaranteed mechanical properties, making the mass customization of products with high-performance individualized lattice parts scalable for any brand. Laddy enables brands to offer their customers products with unique lattice parts based on custom input such as pressure maps or a 3D scan of a body part.

The future version of Laddy will realize the era of mass customization for lattices through an automated manufacturing process. The software solution will enable consumer brands to tap into the value of lattice mass customization and improve customer experience through web-based visualization of unique lattices. Laddy will allow for a seamless end-to-end workflow, making the individualization of lattices real for every brand and industry.



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