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IUL AM facility welcomes sub-delegate of the Spanish government» 3dpbm


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Carlos Prieto, a Spanish government sub-delegate in Barcelona, visited the IUL Instruments facilities at the inauguration of the expansion of the company’s 3D printing area. The investment, which totaled €600,000 will enable IUL to increase production by up to 60%.

The facility is equipped with two state-of-the-art HP Jet Fusion 3D printers and post-processing systems. These structures will speed up and make the manufacturing process more flexible, improve the repeatability of parts and also lead to a reduction in cost per part. The new setup was made possible by HP and systems reseller Maquinser.

The inauguration was also attended by Eduard Sanjosé, from the delegation of the subdelegate, Jose Ignacio Pradas Poveda, territorial director of Commerce and ICEX of Catalonia Secretary of State for Commerce, Jaume Homs, regional commercial director Benelux, Iberia and UK&I at HP, Carles Jiménez , representing Maquinser and Vicenç Font, CEO, Mireia Muriel, sales manager and Magalí Palau, marketing manager at IUL.The sub-delegate of the Spanish government in Barcelona visited the IUL

Since 1987 IUL designs, produces and commercializes automation solutions for microbiology laboratories. The company’s stated goal is to provide more comfortable, safer and reliable microbiological control for the industry.

From the very beginning IUL has been committed with research. Over the last decade, the company widened the scope of its activities to viability PCR through the spin-off GenIUL, and more recently to the applications of light in artificial insemination, improving fertility rates. Both fields are taking more and more interest in the last years, becoming an essential part of the company. IUL also develops OEM products for several companies, helping them achieve their objectives in a flexible manner.

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