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ICON 3D Printed Homes Sale Austin Texas $450K


Kansas City developer, 3Strands and Austin-based construction tech company, ICON, have officially announced the next evolution of homebuilding.

Utilizing ICON’s technology for higher-end 3D printing, the company is set to sell four of these houses in Austin, Texas, for the price of $450,000 USD per house. The houses were designed by another Austin-based firm, Logan Architecture, in tandem with 3Strands and ICON. 3Strands CEO said in a statement, “We want to change the way we build, own and how we live in community together. This project represents a big step forward, pushing the boundaries of new technologies, such as 3D-printed homes.”

ICON 3D-printed assisted in printing the entire first floor of each of the two- to four-bedroom homes, to be located on the new East 17th Street Residence development. The upper floors were built through conventional construction, but are expected to be move-in ready by summer 2021. The homes boast high energy efficiency and with the help of ICON’s 3D printing, has stronger and longer-lasting traditional building materials that allow the homes to become more resilient. Homes are designed to better withstand potential disasters such as flood, fire and strong winds.

The printing time for each house takes between five and seven days and range between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet. ICON has previously printed two dozen housing structures across the U.S. and Mexico. In the Texas community, the company also 3D-printed seven houses for homeless people in Austin. ICON has also worked with NASA on a space-based construction system to one day, place buildings on the Moon and Mars.

Check out how ICON 3D prints its homes above and check out some of the renderings below.

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