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HIP Innovation Center: Hiperbaric’s commitment to the future of cutting-edge materials


Hiperbaric, world leader in high-pressure technologies, inaugurates at its facilities in Spain, the HIP Innovation Center. The company reinforces its commitment to competitiveness and R&D of leading companies around the world, to test the technology of Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP).

How can HIP help you in your R&D lines?

Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) is a manufacturing process used to densify metallic alloys and ceramic parts. Thanks to the densification of the structure, the material develops better mechanical properties such as fatigue life, resilience or ductility. In addition, these and the rest of the mechanical properties present less variability and better consistency, thus obtaining more reliable components.

HIP technology complements the manufacturing techniques most used by industries and researchers in sectors with high demands: foundry, MIM, powder metallurgy (including NNS), diffusion bonding and the different additive manufacturing technologies.

Besides, it is suitable for improving the properties of critical components produced from well known alloys or newly developed materials, such as aluminium alloys, chrome-cobalt, copper and magnesium alloys, steels cemented tungsten carbide. It also plays a huge role in increasing the bonding of dissimilar materials and coatings.

What is the HIP Innovation Center?

It is the place where the most demanding industries worldwide will be able to receive advice, test and validate their metallic and ceramic components, as well as their hot isostatic pressing processes.

The Center currently has a 38 HIP. This press with its 2000 bar and 1400°C (30.000 psi and 1675 °K) uses Argon gas to process components in its Ø380mm x 1200mm (Ø14.5inch. x 47inch.) molybdenum furnace. Thanks to the vessel’s wire-wound construction, this state of the art press uses Fast Cooling technology, enabling development of HIP in combination with other Heat Treatments.

A large team of industrial engineers, experts in materials and in the mechanical characterization of complex structural parts and assemblies will answer your questions quickly and efficiently, seeking the optimal solution to your technical challenge.

Visit Hiperbric’s  HIP Innovation Center and discover how this process can help you in your business.

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