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Fortify expands the FLUX series product line » 3dpbm


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Fortify has extended the Flux series product lineup to include two new printers and software to allow customers and partners access to develop new advanced materials. Funds from the company’s recent equity round will be used to scale up the manufacturing of these printers for end-use part applications.

“The novel technologies built into the Flux One printer can be leveraged for a variety of use cases”, said Josh Martin, CEO, and Co-founder of Fortify. “While there is room for growth in the tools and fixtures market, an area that Fortify is currently providing value in with our reinforced materials, there is an order of magnitude greater market potential for end-use part applications. By providing versions of our Flux printers tailored for specific use cases, we are giving users the power to go after these markets”.

All Fortify 3D printers employ the company’s patented processing technology, CKM (Continuous Kinetic Mixing), allowing for the printing of heavily filled photopolymers while maintaining homogeneity. Fortify’s another proprietary technology, Fluxprint magnetic alignment, is now available in two configurations.

Fortify’s full range of Flux series includes Flux One, released in 2020, and the new Flux Core and Flux 3D. The Flux One adds Fluxprint Z (Z-axis magnetic field) to the baseline Core 3D printer, the system overcomes the persistent challenge of Z-axis anisotropy in 3D printing and applications include robust mold tooling, jigs, and fixtures; Flux Core includes CKM and is ideal for processing viscous particle filled resins where magnetic alignment is not required and the applications include RF devices and electronic applications; the Flux 3D leverages Fluxprint 3D (3-axis magnetic field) to the baseline Core 3D printer, providing users with unprecedented levels of control to align fiber in any axis throughout parts as they are printed, the applications include heat sinks, heat exchangers, and high-performance industrial connectors.

In addition to the hardware solutions, Fortify is announcing the availability of Flux Developer, a software platform that can be used on any of the Flux printers. Flux Developer gives users the ability to push the limits of material properties by opening access to all processing parameters. With this expanded processing window, users can control variables such as exposure time and intensity, material flow, resin temperature, and viscosity, and even the build plate mechanics, as they develop and onboard new materials.

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