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DyeMansion expands Powershot portfolio » 3dpbm


DyeMansion will launch an expansion of its Powershot portfolio with an online event hosted from its Munich headquarters. DyeMansion will bring the physical live experience of their new Powershot systems to you as close as possible. In addition to the reveal and a live demo, there will be several deep dive tech talks and statements from partners like Siemens. DyeMansion is looking forward to every participant and will offer the opportunity to book individual “Powershot Live Experience Tours” onsite their locations in Planegg-Munich, Germany and Austin, Texas after the event.

The larger portfolio takes the well established DyeMansion Print-to-Product workflow to a new level and may be a key driver for the industrialization of additive manufacturing. DyeMansion’s announcement signals that its Powershot performance series is ready for Industry 4.0.

“Join us on March 24 when we will show what we’ve worked on in the last years. The new Powershot Performance series will accelerate the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing and strengthens our position as the partner of choice for factory of the future projects ”, said Felix Ewald, CEO & Co-founder of DyeMansion.

Like DyeMansion’s vapor polishing system, the Powerfuse S, the new Powershot Performance series will be equipped with state-of-the-art automation technology by Siemens. The Powershot Performance series is standing for the next step in the strategic partnership between Siemens and DyeMansion with the goal to industrialize AM.

“During the product development process we have been working closely together with leading service providers and printer manufacturers. We translated their demands into our new systems that are future-proof for the next step in Additive Manufacturing. This will be a key driver to turn the factory of the future concepts into reality,” explained Philipp Kramer, CTO & Co-founder of DyeMansion.

Technical details about the Powershot portfolio and the new system’s availability will be presented on March 24, 2021.

Members of the public can register for the online show here.

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