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DM3D releases giant new metal DMD system » 3dpbm


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Michigan-based company DM3D has released a new DMD machine with multiple process heads that can print metal parts up to 10ft in diameter and 10ft in height. The giant system has been designed for processing steel and Inconel alloys that are less prone to oxidation.

The system’s coaxial nozzle with local Argon shielding protects the melt pool for such materials. It can add a variety of materials precisely at select locations on the part, which allows for fabricating multi-material components with functional properties.

This innovative solution eliminates the need for assembling multiple parts with different metals which saves cost and reduces manufacturing time. Build objects large and small from the bottom up with a range of materials.

DM3D releases giant new metal DMD system that can print 10ft parts

DM3D’s proprietary Direct Metal Deposition (DMD) technology is a DED-type process to manufacture and remanufactures parts from CAD using metal powders and a laser energy source. Unlike most other metal 3D printing technologies, DMD is capable of processing medium to large parts with multiple materials in a single build. The work envelope of 10 feet cube has a 2,000lb weight capacity and a significantly higher build rate than several other metal printing technologies.

DM3D boasts significant IP assets including forty awarded patents, additional patents pending, and a catalog of trade secret processes and recipes. The company is targeting the production of large and complex metal parts for industrial segments such as aerospace, defense and large industrial tooling.

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