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Dental team know how to make you smile


Andrew (left), Sharon and Te Rangi Devine. Photo / Paul Taylor

A smile can lift your mood and make those around you smile back.

The team at Devine Smile Design know that confidence to smile has a lot to do with your teeth and they are experts when it comes to creating a unique and natural look.

With a history of three generations of dental technicians in the family and a strong belief in keeping up-to-date through both new technology and continued education, the family owned and operated business provides top of the range dental restorations to dentists and the public.

The recent investment in computer-aided denture technology, 3D printing and milled materials has enabled this state of the art Dental Laboratory to provide quality printed/milled dentures to those people who may not be able to afford a “traditional-type” denture. Producing a traditional-type denture is labour intensive and the materials expensive.

Clinical Dental Technician and Implant Specialist Andrew Devine says: “We cater for everyone really.

“We design and create high end dentures, veneers, implants, crowns and bridges and makeovers. And now with this new technology we can also make dentures much cheaper. It will give our customers options.

“Everyone’s smile is as unique as their fingerprint and is the reason we treat all our patients as individuals and every restoration as a piece of art.

“There’s no set pattern when it comes to dentures or any other service we offer. That’s one of the reasons this job is so interesting. No two days are alike.”

Dental technology embraces science, technology and artistic vision to create restorations that are functional, reliable and look like nature.

Andrew has been in the industry since 1977 when he began work at Devine & Houston, his dad’s business.

At that time it was one of the largest commercial dental laboratories in New Zealand. He became a director in the firm in the early 80s, taking on the role of Crown & Bridge manager.

In 1994, wishing to develop a boutique-style laboratory, Andrew went out on his own.

He was joined by his wife Sharon as practice manager.

Then in 2005 their son Te Rangi started his apprenticeship. After qualifying, Te Rangi felt it was important to see how other laboratories operated and to gain as much experience as possible.

Four years of this time was spent in the UK working in laboratories that were “industry leaders”. On his return to Devine Smile Design in 2018 Te Rangi took on the managerial role in Crown & Bridge and Digital Dentistry.

They are a tight, professional health care team and welcome inquiries from people across Hawke’s Bay. For more info go to devinesmiledesign.nz/about-us

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