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Color 3D printing factory by Marketiger is ready for production » 3dpbm


After months of preparation, Dutch startup Marketiger moved into their completely renewed color 3D printing factory, the first such facility in the world. From a single Mimaki system In 2019, the firm expanded capacity to five 3DUJ-553’s in 2020.

The new factory gave the go for expanding existing productions and introducing two brand new technologies to Marketiger’s offering. In collaboration with SEIDO Systems and Stratasys, Marketiger began working extensively on the new J835 full-color printer. Now a brand new collaboration with HP is introducing the MJF-580 color printer to the facility for a truly complete full-color 3D printing offer.

Marketiger color 3D printing factory

Marketiger based its business model entirely on color 3D printing, betting that technologies have finally come of age in terms of productivity, quality and costs. The startup is already printing over 500 models per day and has built up extensive experience in high quality; high volume full-color 3D printing processes.

Starting with Mimaki’s systems – which have a high hardware cost but affordable materials costs – the company is moving to the top of the line Stratasys system (Stratasys invented full-color Polyjet 3D printing) while also expanding with the much more affordable HP system, which uses thermoplastics but is more limited in terms of transparency and color resolution. Combined with pre-and post-process of all parts in-house, this variety ensures a truly complete offer.

Marketiger guides clients every step of the way with experts in modeling, 3D printing, color transferring, pre- and post-processing. This results in a flexible and personal 3D printing service, which is also scalable and consistent,  based on the clients’ requirements. This enables clients to create and sell their models as products instead of just 3D prints.

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