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ASSA ABLOY Aids Contactless Payment For Public Transport Passengers In Stockholm


Users across the extensive Greater Stockholm Local Transport (SL) network serving the Swedish capital can simply tap their credit or debit card – or use their mobile device’s digital wallet – to pay for a journey using an Access-IS ticket reader located at metro and rail stations, on board buses and trams or handheld by conductors.


The ticket becomes active the moment you tap your contactless card or device at the start of your journey and remains valid for 75 minutes. 


A passenger’s daily journeys are tallied up and debited as a single payment the following day, making them simple to track for the user.


Ticket reading is fast and dependable with clear visual indications when cards have been successfully read, resulting in a smooth user experience and reduced operational costs.


For passenger security, SL does not see debit card numbers or card accounts but uses a technology where the correct card number is exchanged for a random number. 


This means that SL cannot see which person the payment card is linked to.


The new service builds on the successful mass deployment of Access IS’s readers and validators for SL’s Access Card ticketing scheme. 


Plans are in place to migrate the Access Card to a new SL transit closed-loop card to enable a single point of presentation for all tickets and payments.


All Access-IS validators and readers are non-proprietary, open-architecture units, which enables the transport operator to use any software backend system they desire. 


“We champion software agnostic transit products to give operators flexibility in how they implement their mobile ticketing and payment schemes,” said Cliff Hunter, head of sales for Access-IS.

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