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American Society of Mechanical Engineers launches AM Tech Forum


To help engineers, product designers, manufacturers, and technology professionals stay up to speed with Additive Manufacturing developments, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is launching the AM Tech Forum, scheduled to take place June 17, 2021. The virtual event will feature up to thirty new products throughout various relevant industries; compare solutions side-by-side through product demonstrations, launches, and service demonstrations; and is expected to connect participants with over sixty experts and thirty solutions providers.

The event will also showcase ‘best-in-class’ products through the AM Innovation Awards. Attendees and a judging panel of AM industry experts in medical devices, aerospace, automotive, energy, consumer goods and other sectors will score demonstrations across multiple criteria and provide feedback. Winners in four categories – along with a ‘Customer Choice Award’ selected by attendees – will be announced at the culmination of the event.

“It’s difficult to keep up to date in this field with the number of mergers and acquisitions, the speed of new technology development, and new product launches,” commented Debbie Holton, ASME’s Managing Director of Industry Events. “Engineers and manufacturers in a variety of industries need to know what’s available, what their options are, and they want to see the equipment. We’re excited to deliver a crash course in what they need to know now in AM technology, what’s new, different, and cutting edge.”

ASME has formed strategic alliances with America Makes and the Association for Manufacturing Technology to present the AM Tech Forum and offer other AM resources. Proposals for additional product demonstrations are being accepted through May 7.


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