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Welcome to our fourth eBook of 2021! In the following pages we’ll showcase the ever-exciting and evolving space of composites 3D printing.

It is no wonder that composite, fiber-reinforced materials are appealing to many industrial sectors. The materials are stronger and more durable than un-reinforced polymers and at the same time lighter and more affordable than metals. One of the challenges of working with composites using conventional methods, however, has been time and cost. Additive manufacturing is changing this, providing a faster and more efficient way to produce composite parts, whether it is by printing tooling or end-use parts directly.

In this publication, we present an in-depth analysis of the composites AM market (a sneak peek at our more extensive Composites AM Report), an exclusive look at the large-scale Massivit 10000 system for FRP molding, an illuminating interview with JuggerBot 3D about its partnership with DSM and, last but not least, an overview of over 40 companies working in the AM/composites segment.

3dpbm’s eBook can be viewed by scrolling through the document above or downloaded for viewing on your favorite mobile device. In our effort to maintain an open discourse and open access to AM news, the publication is free to access. We at 3dpbm have been ardently following the progress of composites AM for years, and we are pleased to put the industry in the spotlight in a new, reader-friendly way!

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