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3D printed house for sale on Long Island


Phones are ringing off the hook at Realty Connect USA.   Associate broker Stephen King listed what’s said to be the first 3D printed home on the open market.
The price tag, $299,000 for a 1,400 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Riverhead. It’s significantly less than the average newly built home in the area. 

“Whenever I answer a phone call it will cost me about 3 missed calls that I will have to get back to,” King said. “The 3D printed home allows an average American to afford a brand new construction house and pretty much brings down the cost of construction by about 50+ percent.”

Fox 5 News first introduced you to the engineers looking to change the way that homes are built back in 2019.

Manhattan-based company 3D prints homes

And most recently the team at SQ4D completed the concrete portion of a 1900 sq. ft. model home in Calverton. They plan to break ground on the listed home this Spring. 

Kirk Andersen, director of operations, tells Fox 5 New this more affordable way will be the future of building. 

“We can cut costs and come in under a normal, wood-framed house,” Andersen said. “It’s a superior product that will last. It’s built faster, cheaper, it’s built safer. You can be on lunch watching the machine build walls.”

Andersen insists this wouldn’t replace the traditional work of tradesmen but rather increase job productivity autonomously. The printer accounts for 41-percent of the home and it takes less than 48 hours to finish the concrete structure. 

“We put up the footings, the foundations, the walls, and the traditional trades come in behind,” he said.  

With a 50-year warranty backed by the builders – they believe it’s just the beginning.

Machine could build home in 2 days

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